Battery safety

Battery safety

Batteries are contained in most every day gadgets we use , From mobile phones to laptops and ofcourse E-Cigs .

Since the latter can have incorporated or removable batteries , We need to take extra care when we use them .

Below are a couple of pointers .

Always :                                                                                               Never :

Buy your batteries from a reputable supplier                                        Charge over night

Pair from new                                                                                        Leave exposed to direct sunlight

Charge in a ventilated area                                                                   Mismatch your batteries

Check for nicks and imperfections                                                        Charge near a heat source

Keep away from water                                                                           Store in unprotected in pockets or bags

Follow charging directions                                                                     Overtighten your tank to your Mod/Battery

Dispose of them in a responsable manner                                             Use a leaky battery 

Invest in a good separate charger