Starting up ?

Starting up ?

A little while ago there wasn't as many products out there to cause confusion , which is not the case today .

First of all , there are two different types of vapourisers , sub-ohm and non sub-ohm, the first is more for advanced vapers , as to use this type of kits you need to use them direct to lung , just as you use an inhaler .

The type you are looking for are the non sub-ohm kits , Which you will use "Mouth to lung" , i.e the same as taking a puff of your cigarette , And fortunately for you they are usually cheaper .

The other thing , is the nicotine strenght of the E-Liquid ( The flavoured liquid you fill the e-cigarette tank with ) , Usually the strenght matches the nicotine in your cigarettes , As an example , If you are smoking full strenght cigarettes , You will most likely require 18mg/ml nicotine in your e-liquid , 12mg/ml for lights or menthols ...etc...

Generally , We advice people to start with Tobacco flavours containing the right nicotine , to make the switch as seamless as possible , as we all know , the cigarette addiction is not just nicotine , but all the retual including the taste .

Once the switch has been made successfully , It is then advisable to start either by reducing the nicotine strength or by changing flavours , whatever you do , do it one step at the time .

This might sound a bit confusing , But don't worry ,once you come in , We will be more than happy to guide you through it .